Old Barn Books and Pointers In Need

Old Barn Books and Pointers In Need

Old Barn Books is raising funds for Pointers In Need, a UK-based, not-for-profit Pointer (dog) rescue organisation which rescues and rehomes (English) Pointers. It primarly concentrates on rescuing and rehoming Pointers from across the UK. It also supports the rescue and rehoming of Pointers from overseas. All of its staff and supporters are volunteers who give their time freely. Every penny raised goes towards transforming the lives of unwanted or abandoned Pointers.

In memory of our beloved Alfred, the English Pointer who stars in Wake Up, Alfred!, all profits from copies of that book sold from our website will go to Pointers In Need

You can see more about Pointers In Need on their website at http://pointersinneed.com

Beware! Those little puppies look really cute, but they need a LOT of exercise and really need to grow up where they can run free for much of the time. Only take one on if you are ready to get fit yourself! You can see Alfred on the home page of our website, standing guard over our daughter. He was a devoted and loyal pet but we never managed to wear him out!

Pointers In Need

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