Collection: A. M. Dassu

Author A. M. Dassu in front of a banner showing the cover of her novel Boy, Everywhere

A. M. Dassu is the internationally acclaimed and award-winning author of Boy, Everywhere and Fight Back, which is published in the UK by Scholastic Inc. She is a director at Inclusive Minds, an organisation for people who are passionate about inclusion, diversity, equality and accessibility in children's literature, and one of the National Literacy Trust's Connecting Stories campaign authors, aiming to help inspire a love of reading and writing in children and young people.

A. M. Dassu grew up in the UK Midlands dreaming of becoming a writer but studied economics instead and worked in marketing, Adult Basic Education and project management before realising her dream. She writes books that challenge stereotypes, humanise the "other" and are full of empathy, hope and heart. You can find her on twitter @a_reflective or Instagram @a.m.dassu or visit her website at for more information and resources.

We are proud to have published her debut novel, Boy, Everywhere, and to have received sponsorship which has enabled us to support her World Book Day 2023 title, Boot It!. There's more to come from Dassu in 2023, with the publication of Kicked Out!, a full-length sequel to both novels.