Collection: Bren MacDibble


Bren MacDibble was raised on farms all over New Zealand, but had been living in Melbourne, Australia, for twenty years until a fire destroyed her home and all her possessions. After rebuilding the house, Bren realised she was no longer attached to material things and spent some time living and working in a bus travelling around Australia. She has now settled on the West Coast. Bren's three novels to date have made her a rapidly rising star of Australian children's literature, with the wellbeing of the earth and its future generations at the heart of her compelling writing. How to Bee was Children's Book of the Year in its category in both Australia and New Zealand, while The Dog Runner and Across the Risen Sea were both nominated for the CILIP Carnegie Medal in the UK. The Dog Runner was also shortlisted for Red Magazine's Big Book Award, won the New Zealand Children's Book Award and was shortlisted for the Children's Book Award, the Aurealis Awards and the Readings Award in Australia.

The Raven's Song is Bren's first collaboration with another author and is a happy blend of Bren and Zana's combined passion for ecology and mythology.

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