CILIP Carnegie medal 2017 shortlist

The Stars at Oktober Bend, by Glenda Millard, was shortlisted for the CILIP Carnegie Medal in 2017. Here is Glenda being interviewed about the book by #YAFictionados


GIVE & TAKE, by Lucie Felix, was the winner of the British Book Design and Production Awards 2016 in the category 0-8 years. The judges said it: 'stood out...with the elegant simplicity of its concept and the efficient ruggedness of its construction, which worked on every level.'

The title was also a 2017 IBBY selection as an 'outstanding book for young people with disabilities.'

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RetroPhoto is David Ellwand's personal selection of over 100 vintage film cameras, from box Brownie to Hasselblad and from hand-crafted to mass-produced. A handsome gift book, each camera is illustrated by a photograph taken with it and the book contains top tips on what to buy and what not to - and how to adapt your bootsale purchase for the digital age.

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Tea Time at Old Barn Books... illustration by Alison Jay

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