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Old Barn Books

The Raven's Song

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A heart-stopping collaboration between two award-winning Australian authors; out in hardback in October 2022.

Old Barn Books is thrilled to be introducing the first ever dual-voice teen novel from acclaimed authors Zana Fraillon and Bren MacDibble.

 The Raven's Song alternates between the stories of Phoenix, who lives in a near-future world impacted by climate change and a devastating pandemic; and Shelby, one hundred years in the future in a post-pandemic, post-pollution, post-city world where each community is exactly three hundred and fifty people sustainably subsisting on seven hundred hectares.

In Phoenix's contemporary urban world, climate change and pollution have distorted weather systems and infected children are being cryogenically frozen to give the government enough time to find a cure that will save them. This is only supposed to take a few years, at most: meanwhile each child has a box put together for them with all their favourite things, so their families can talk and read to them, and so they can have them close by when they wake up. Among the infected children is Phoenix – his box contains a seed journal as well as a collection of letters to no one.

In Shelby's future world, she finds the forgotten children in an abandoned city when she ventures out from her rural egg farm. The batteries are degenerating, and the children will die unless she wakes them. But when Phoenix is awoken, danger returns. The children will have to work together to locate a cure, and find a way to a better future.

The story of a world that is beginning to fall apart, and a chance to see it all put back together, The Raven's Song is a vision of hope for the future, seen through the eyes of the children who will fight for it.

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Format: HB; jacketed; 198 x 128mm; 288pp; £12.99; ISBN: 9781910646816

Age range: 9/10 - 13/14 years