Climate Change

We are based in the West Sussex countryside and care deeply about our natural environment. Our premises are heated and powered primarily by a combination of solar panels, air source heat pumps and wood from the centuries-old sweet chestnut coppice which we manage sustainably for the benefit of future generations.

All our books are printed on FSC-certified papers and we use only printers with strong and up-to-date chain of custody certification and ethical work practices. We avoid plastics in our packaging (except where we are recycling from parcels that have come to us) and recycle and re-use wherever we can. We belong to the Publishers Association's Sustainability Taskforce, where we are helping to develop industry standard tools for the continuing evolution of our industry in accordance with the UN Sustainability goals and to further our contribution towards a low-carbon future.

Our interest in the natural world is reflected in our books and we are committed to using our power as a publisher to further knowledge about climate change. 

Bee & Me is a wordless picture book illustrating the importance of caring for the bee population. School, gift or group purchases from this site may include a packet of bee-friendly sunflower seeds (please request when ordering).

Australian-based author Bren MacDibble's trilogy of Middle Grade eco-fiction titles address many of the issues raised by climate change and aim to give readers hope for the future. They are set in her homeland, reminding us that this is a global problem, but one which we each need to address personally and locally:

How to Bee is set in a dystopian future where the bees have all died out and crops are hand-pollinated by children. It serves as a warning for the future, but also gives hope that there are ways we can avoid this nightmare.

The Dog Runner imagines a world where all grass crops have been wiped out by a mystery fungus. Again, this is an all-too-possible scenario, and one for which the world is preparing.

Across the Risen Sea portrays life for the survivors of sea level rise and shows how human ingenuity and community spirit can cope with the new world order.