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Bee and Me

Bee and Me

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Alison Jay's beautiful wordless picture book shows what happens when a bee flies in through the window of a grey city apartment. The growing friendship between the bee and the girl brings about a transformation of the city. The nature tips at the back underline the importance of the bumble bee in our natural world and show young readers how they can help to safeguard its future. Nominated for the Kate Greenaway prize 2017, this is a picture book to explore over and over again.

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 ‘Every time you look at this book, you will find something new to enjoy and explore in the illustrations.’ - North Somerset Teachers’ Book Award

‘There isn’t a single word in this book but every picture speaks volumes…tells you all you need to know about the life cycle of the bee and why they are so important…we can’t recommend this book highly enough’ - @thebookbag

A little girl who lives in a town, befriends a bee which takes her on a magical journey of discovery and to an action that each and every child can take, to aid in conservation of the mighty bumble bee.’ - The Woodland Wife

 Alison Jay’s Bee & Me beautifully – and wordlessly – introduces concepts of conservation when a child encounters a bee on her apartment windowsill.’ - North and South, Australia

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