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Aftershocks, by Anne Fine

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A family mix-up means Louie has to tag along with his engineer father and his team as they head for a routine job in the farthest flung and most neglected province of the Federation. A massive earthquake, with ensuing tsunami, devastates the entire isolated coastal region, laying bare the other-worldly manner in which the silent and strange Endlanders deal with life, death and the hinterlands of memory and loss. Their curious and unsettling ways raise ghosts for Louie, who has recently lost his own brother.

This modern fable – part ghost-story, part coming-of-age novel and part astute social and family observation – explores the ways in which grief can affect not only individuals, but communities at large.

Former Children's Laureate Anne Fine has written over seventy books for children and has twice won the Carnegie Medal. She began to write to entertain herself when she was unable to get to the library in a snowstorm, and she hasn't stopped since. Her writing very often tackles serious social issues but can also be laugh-out-loud funny and her range is demonstrated by the successes of Madame Doubtfire and Goggle Eyes.

288pp; Hardback with jacket; publishing 10th February 2022

Suitable for ages 10 - 14yrs and upwards. ISBN: 9781910646779; £11.99

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