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Ghost Bird

Ghost Bird

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A gripping, multi award-winning, debut YA novel from First Nations Australian author Lisa Fuller, drawing on the culture and spiritual beliefs of her close-knit community.

Stacey and Laney are twins and mirror images of each other but as different as the sun and the moon. Stacey wants to go places, do things and be someone different, while Laney just wants to skip school and sneak out of the house to meet her boyfriend Troy. When Laney doesn't come home one night, the town assumes she's just doing her normal run-off, but Stacey's gut tells her otherwise.

Stacey knows her twin isn't dead – she just doesn't know where she is; she can see her in her dreams but doesn't know if she is real or imagined. Holding onto the words her Nan taught her is one thing, but listening to those around you is another – who will Stacey trust? As the town starts to believe that Laney is missing for good, can she find her twin in time?

Lisa Fuller is an editor and publisher by trade and passionate about culturally appropriate writing and publishing. She has previously published poetry and short fiction, but Ghost Bird is her first novel and took Australia by storm when it was published there in 2019. We're very excited to be bringing it to the UK in October 2021.

Watch the trailer here Read in interview with Lisa Fuller here

Read an extract here or watch Lisa talk about and read the book below 

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Paperback, 288pp, £7.99

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